Land Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge with the utmost reverence and respect that the people of the Lenni-Lenape (leh-nee leh-nah-pay) tribe are the original inhabitants and caretakers of this land. Before they suffered removal and forced mass migrations at the hands of European colonizers, the Lenape tribe inhabited this land, calling it Lenapehoking. Lehapehoking roughly encompassed the area between New York City and Philadelphia, including all of New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and part of Delaware.

The Lenni-Lenape were a peaceful tribe, known for their hospitality and mediation skills. They were well-known for mediating disputes between their neighboring Native Nations. The Lenape are spiritual people who believe in a Creator and eleven lesser Gods. Their belief that all things have souls results in a deep reverence for nature, and everything in it. The Lenape consider themselves only a small part of Nature’s grand plan.

We honor the Lenni-Lanape, past, present, and future, in our continued commitment to respect diversity and inclusion. The Artemis Center for Guidance recognizes the history between the land on which these buildings sit and the Lenape people. In recognition of the continued presence of the Lenape on this, their original homeland, we maintain the wishes of Lenape Chief Tamanend, that there be goodwill and tranquility between the indigenous people of this land and those who occupy it now “as long as the rivers and creeks flow, and the sun, moon, and stars shine.”