Deborah Kim, MD

Dr. Kim is nationally recognized as a master clinician in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Although her clinical focus is on treating pregnant and postpartum women with mental illness, Dr. Kim has extensive experience with treating women with major medical co-morbidities, PMS/PMDD and menopausal issues. She utilizes several treatment modalities including psychopharmacology, psychodynamic therapy, and neuromodulation. Dr. Kim has expanded her private practice to New Jersey and is now providing services to adults (male and female / 18 and over) in our Sewell, NJ location.

Dr. Kim also owns and operates, Ketamine of South Jersey out of our Elmer office. IV Ketamine is a revolutionary treatment for treatment resistant depression, anxiety and PTSD.

To scheduled an appointment please email [email protected] or call 610 206 3875.
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