About Us

About Us

At The Artemis Center for Guidance, drawing inspiration from the fierce protection and nurturing essence of Artemis, we offer compassionate counseling and specialized expertise in maternal mental health, OCD, anxiety disorders, and groundbreaking psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our mission is to reduce emotional suffering and empower individuals to navigate life’s transitions, guided by our commitment to comprehensive care and personalized support for the vulnerable.

Our Name

In Greek mythology Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and Moon. She is an usher of transitions and is championed as the guardian of women in childbirth, as well as, a fierce protector of the young. Artemis is known for her healing capacities and as a nurturer and healer to those in distress. Almost always depicted with a bow and arrow, this deity symbolizes safety and independence for women. A devoted friend to the natural environment, she embodies fertility, strength, beauty, wonder, growth and possibilities.

Our Mission Statement

At The Artemis Center for Guidance we work toward reducing emotional suffering. This is accomplished foremost through direct counseling services and psycho-education provided by highly skilled and compassionate clinicians and, secondly, through the development and instruction of training programs that will provide other professionals the skills to offer exceptional services to those in emotional pain. The Artemis Center for Guidance was founded on the premise that all individuals are inherently able to cope with life’s hardships. We believe that with skilled guidance during times of transition, each person possesses the capacity to strive toward and reach his or her highest potential and lead a productive and happy life. Each person and family has unique circumstances and experiences. We believe it is critical to consider biological, psychological and social factors affecting one’s life journey, in order to better assist on this path.

We specialize in Maternal Mental Health and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and other Anxiety Disorders, we also offer a full range of counseling services, including: individual and couples therapy, play therapy for children, counseling for teenagers and young adults, and treatment for recovery from sexual, physical or emotional trauma.

Our Promise

At The Artemis Center for Guidance we continually strive to meet the emotional and mental health needs of our clients and the education needs of our profession and community. Our enduring commitment to current research, continuing education, professional and skills training provides us a state of the art and science knowledge base. With this foundation, we operate from human compassion and a genuine desire to share our strength with each client until he or she feels strong enough alone. Our approach is based on countless resources but at all times focuses on the individual person, couple or family.